ACON Laboratories. Inc

ACON Laboratories, Inc. manufactures and sells medical diagnostic and healthcare products to hospitals, clinical laboratories, physician offices, blood banks, pharmacies, and veterinary clinics and other channels worldwide. It offers products in the areas of alcohol testing, blood glucose, coagulation, cholesterol, dry chemistry, hemoglobin, immunoassay, safety lancets, urinalysis, and veterinary diagnostics. The company’s products include dual ketone/glucose meters, as well as urine analyzers and urine reagent test strips for animals; infectious diseases EIA, ToRCH, thyroid EIA, tumor markers EIA, fertility, HTLV I/II EIA, and ToRCH EIA, as well as HIV, HBV, HCV, and syphilis EIA test kits; urinary tract infection reagent strips for women’s health and reproductive issues; push-button safety lancets for collecting blood samples for testing; and hemoglobin and alcohol testing products. ACON Laboratories also offers custom design and contract manufacturing services. The company offers products through distributors. ACON Laboratories was founded in 1995 and is based in San Diego, California with a manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China.

Mission® U120 Urine Analyzer
Mission® U500 Urine Analyzer
Mission® PT/INR monitoring system
Mission® Cholesterol