Blood metabolites blood gas analyzer / with electrolyte analysis

Epoc® Reader and Host2
The Right Result at the Right Time

Take immediate therapeutic action at the patient’s bedside.
The epoc® Reader and Host2 are two separate devices that communicate bi-directionally via Bluetooth® and provide a handheld, wireless solution used for testing blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites in about 30 seconds.
Simply insert the Test Card into the epoc® Reader and obtain a blood sample from the patient. Once fresh blood passes across the biosensors on the epoc® Test Card, results are sent to the epoc®Host2 Mobile Computer in approximately 30 seconds. The almost instantaneous delivery of BGEM results at the bedside enables the clinician to accelerate treatment decisions that may lead to improved patient outcomes.

Delivers accurate results at the patient’s bedside in about 30 seconds after sample introduction.
Wireless communication delivers real-time patient results that are easily transmitted from the bedside to the electronic medical record (LIS/HIS) in seconds. Reduce transcription errors or delays when downloading results at remote location.
The epoc® System offers customizable critical ranges for all measured analytes. Once set, critical results are flagged at the bedside, documented by the caregiver, then transmitted to the patient’s electronic medical record in seconds for review by the entire care team.

• Runs the customizable epoc Host Software and is the caregiver’s interface to the system
• Customizable reference and critical ranges
• Electronic documentation of test results, patient information and respiratory parameters
• Incorporates operator, patient, and quality control lockouts
• Seamlessly connects and communicates bi-directionally through a facility’s existing wireless network using Wi-Fi
• Bi-Directional Communication between the epoc Host2 and Reader via Bluetooth®

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