Every day healthcare professionals face a lot of problems working in a complex and stressful environment with limited time resources. That is why it is very important that diagnostic processes are simplified and take as little time as possible. The speed of analysis is important because with the rapid receipt of test results, patients receive the most timely, effective and effective care.
Our company is aimed at providing medical institutions with the best diagnostic medical equipment for medical care. The use of equipment at the point of medical care helps healthcare professionals to conduct tests and receive test results while being near the patient, which has a positive effect on the speed of their decision-making on the treatment of the patient.
The company “LOCAL PHARM” today is an authorized exclusive distributor of Epocal Inc., in (Canada), Alere Inc. In (USA), Ya-Sans Inc. (South Korea), acon in the Laboratory Inc. (USA), Wondfo (PRC), SK-Sangius Counting (Germany), Genrui Biotech Ltd., Quidel Ireland Society, Tianjin MNCHIP Technology Co., Ltd., etc.